Here are a few of the things we are capable of making.  Many other shapes, images, and fonts are possible.  All signs can be made out of many other wood species than shown for an additional charge.

21"x7", Cedar, $30                                                     

11"x8", Cedar or Oak, $20

14"x7", Cedar, $20

15"x9", Cedar, $30

20"x9", Cedar, $35

48" Shot Ski.  3 Shots.  Oak, Hickory (shown), Maple, $60
60" Shot Ski,  4 Shots,  Oak, Hickory, Maple,  $75
Front and Back

48"x11" Driveway Sign, Cedar, $75

20"x7", Cedar, $30

Dog Bone, $8

We also have an old Winnebago and pop up shape, or can make your specific trailer shape.

24"x7", Cedar, $30

11"x13", Oak, $40

Can make any state shape with or without a clock insert
($35 without clock)

Piggy Banks, Oak, $45

21"x7", Cedar, $30

18"x7", Cedar, $25
Double Sided Open/Closed, Cedar, $35

20" x 24", Pine, $75

36" x 19", Oak, Contact for Pricing

30"x20", Pine, Contact for Pricing

21"x26", Pine, Contact for Pricing

12"x72", Cedar, Double Sided, Contact for Pricing