At Beech Industries we strive to make the ordering of your custom project as easy as possible.

Here are the some things to consider when planning your custom project. 

Where will your project be displayed?

Outdoor signs are better suited with Cedar or Redwood.  Since Cedar is more readily available it tends to be much cheaper, but we have done Redwood in the past for customers. 

Indoor signs can be easily made out of most any wood you would like or to specifically match something you currently have.  Woods we have used and which are easily available: Cedar, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Pine, Walnut, Aspen.

What Shape would you like your project?

Take a look at our gallery for some sample shapes or let us know what you have in mind.

What Font and Design would you like on your project?

The fonts that we can produce are extensive.  If it is in a word processor program more than likely we are capable of producing it.

The designs are also extensive.  We currently have many animals and other objects so if you don't see what you want on the gallery pages just let me know and we can probably produce it.

What Finish would you like your project in?

For the Outdoor Cedar or Redwood projects we use an outdoor natural finish.  It provides long lasting protection in all weather environments.

For all other projects we use various products depending on the circumstances.  We can do most stain shades so it is just a matter of what the customer wants.

What Color would you like the lettering and images in?

Our standard colors are Black, Orange, Green and Red.  All other colors can be accomplished for an additional charge, or we can leave it blank and you can paint it yourself.  On some of the cribbage boards it looks really good with no color at all but that is the customer preference.

Just drop us an email or phone call with your ideas and questions and we will start working on the design process.  You will get a preview image of the project (below left) and once the design is finalized and paid for we can start fabricating.  It will usually take less than 2-3 weeks to finish, depending on our work load.  Payment can be made by paypal (we will email you an invoice through paypal) or cash or check mailed to us.  If you are lucky enough to live in South Central MN you can drop off your payment at our shop.

Computer Generated Image                                      Finished Sign

Once the project is finished it can either be picked up at our shop or shipped directly to you.  All we charge is actual shipping charges.